20 Feet Foldable Container House



It is precision-built and carefully crafted for you, only need 4 people, 4 steps and a half hour to install it on your site, It can be stacked to second floors. It process guarantees many advantages. we make the process easier, faster, and build it smarter. It is the best choice for mobile houses, site offices, etc. Also, you have a chance to get the design decoration from our website, create your own custom design that is certain to be your perfect home.


Size: 5800*2500*2450mm (20FT/L *8.25FT/W *8.08FT/H)

Frame: Strong girder: Top/Bottom/From/Rear

Special shaped galvanized steel pipe: 60*80*1.5mm (2.36”x3.15”x0.06”)

Top: color steel tile(0.5mm)

Floor: ceiling tile(0.326mm)

Wall: 0.326mm color steel plate / 50mm / 65kg / m3 rock wool

Windows: 950mm*1200mm(With screen window)

Door: 860mm*1980mm

Electrical Devices include: Circuit protector/ Industrial socket/ Single tube LED light. Special socket for air conditioner/ Light switch



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