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Pegboards may be basic, but they’re brilliant in terms of freeing up storage space and integrating organization and tidiness into workstations. Available in various hardy materials, once these are installed on walls, businesses will have no issue keeping track of hand tools and other items. Even homeowners will find numerous uses, from a space to hang up garden tools to a sports equipment center.

Pegboards have a decent weight capacity a great system and can handle heavy objects and light wall decor alike

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There are plenty of organization systems that take days to implement or hours reading an installation manual. For something that’s simple to set up, easily accessible, and relied on by many industries for years, test out a pegboard for your storage needs.

Pegboard Systems—Buying Guide

Consider how much space is available for hanging up these boards and measure dimensions several times to ensure the perfect size. Taking stock of what objects or tools need to be organized is essential, too. This can help determine the ideal type of pegboard material and its weight capacity. Cordless drills, for instance, will need a sturdier board or a larger size than one that’s used just for holding nails, screws, and washers.

Differentiating Between Wood, Plastic, MDF, and Metal Pegboards 

There are several different pegboard types available, from thinner, more lightweight MDF boards to thick wooden or metal board material.

Most so-called metal pegboards on the market are actually constructed of steel (which technically isn’t a pure metal) but provide a sturdy design for organizing items or hanging up heavier tools. A steel or metal pegboard can be plain, powder-coated, painted, or adorned with different kinds of slots.

Plastic pegboards are readily available as well. They’re durable but may not be as heavy-duty as a solid metal or steel pegboard set. These tend to be smaller and work well hanging above desks or small work benches.

An MDF pegboard is one of the more popular styles. These might be suitable for buyers in search of a decent option that’s been around for a while and can be less expensive than metal boards because they’re not as hardy or resistant to external factors. Outdoor spaces or any place subject to moisture should avoid MDF, though be sure the metal pegboard chosen is rust-resistant.

Less common are wooden pegboards, which still have the key features needed, but won’t be as resistant to scratches. It’s rare to find this pegboard organizer in tough environments—it’s normally utilized as some kind of shelving or interior organization system. Oftentimes, MDF and wood boards will be used interchangeably, though MDF is made of wood fibers and a binding agent.

Pegboard Holes

In terms of the holes built into them, most pegboards have round holes or oblong slots. These are used to hang peg hooks, baskets, bins, wires, and other accessories that make customizing pegboards possible.

Storing tools and supplies neatly may be possible with the included accessories of each pegboard set, but there are countless options on the market for customizing boards and creating a layout that’s well adapted to what a business needs.

Thomas’ Top Picks for the Best Pegboards 2022

Browse through these multiple pegboards to create an organizational system in workshops, garages, offices, and studios.

Best Steel Pegboard System: Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB Galvanized Steel Pegboard Tool Organizer | Buy Now

Best Plastic Pegboard: WallPeg Black Plastic Pegboard Panels | Buy Now

Best Fiberboard Pegboard: Triton Products White High-Density Fiberboard Pegboards | Buy Now

Best Garage Pegboard: Ultrawall Garage Storage | Buy Now

Best Pegboards for Budget-Conscious Buyers: The Home Depot 48 in. H x 24 in. W White Pegboard | Buy Now

Best Heavy-Duty Pegboard: Wall Control Pegboard Organizer | Buy Now

Best Lightweight Pegboard: Hardboard Pegboard 47.75” x 95.75” | Buy Now

Best Storage Bins for Pegboards: Right Arrange Pegboard Bins | Buy Now

Best Slotted Pegboard System: Platinum Elfa Utility Pegboards | Buy Now

Best Hooks for Pegboards: Storehouse 1/4 In. Pegboard Hooks, 32 Pc. | Buy Now

Scroll down to read more about these top picks for the best pegboards, according to many happy buyers.

*Prices listed in this article were as shown in US$ on (USA),,,, and as of April 2022

1. Best Steel Pegboards—Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB Galvanized Steel Pegboard Tool Organizer

Made of galvanized steel, this pegboard from Wall Control is a lasting choice for storing heavy-duty tools. It’s rust-resistant and has a helpful mix of slots and holes for hanging up hooks and shelving units. The board comes with the necessary mounting hardware, and many buyers noted it only took 10–30 minutes to set up.

“This organization system is exactly what we needed,” explained a customer. “It installs super easy and is very sturdy after installation. We were constantly looking through five tool boxes every time we needed something, and now all of our most used items are right at hand.”

BUY NOW: US$83.90 (Was US$94.99), Amazon

2. Best Plastic Pegboard—WallPeg Black Plastic Pegboard Panels

Four panels make up this plastic set from WallPeg. Though MDF and wood boards are popular, plastic won’t crumble or wear down when exposed to moisture and long-term use. Set up vertically or horizontally, the kit is perfect for garages and shops. It is worth mentioning that screws aren’t included in the pegboard kit.

“They provide you with more hooks and varieties of hooks than you can imagine,” wrote a customer. “Covers your every need.” Another person noted, “As for durability, my wall has about 150 pounds of tools and cleaning supplies between the 11 panels I have up, so there is no shortage of strength here between the plastic hangers and the plastic pegboards.”

BUY NOW: US$58.95, Amazon

3. Best Fiberboard Pegboard—Triton Products White High-Density Fiberboard Pegboards

The classic MDF board look with a bit more durability can be found in Triton Products’ HDF pegboards. Painted white, they can be arranged in any configuration and hold accessories and tools with additional hooks (US$7.75, Amazon). 

They’re slightly more stable than an MDF board (hence the “high density” in the title), but that doesn’t mean they’ll be as strong as metal, plastic, or other options. One reviewer who deemed these as “robust” wrote, “It was a very manageable one-person job; the final result was excellent.” Another added, “Easy to install and cut to shape.”

BUY NOW: US$83.34, Amazon

4. Best Garage Pegboard—Ultrawall Garage Storage

This Ultrawall pegboard comes prepped and ready with bins, hooks, and shelves, making it an all-in-one solution. Holding up to 1,200 pounds, the pegboard can be installed with drywall anchors or onto a brick or concrete wall. With its specific weight capacity, the pegboard serves as a place strong enough for workers on-site to hang tools but equally as useable for homeowners tackling DIY projects or in need of garage pegboards.

“It is by far the best value for the bucks while still providing a great build quality,” explained a customer. “Initially, I thought they were wood material, but they are made with metal. They are much easier to install compared to other ones I have replaced. Putting them together only took me less than 15 minutes, even with some modifications.”

BUY NOW: US$149.99, Amazon

5. Best Pegboards for Budget-Conscious Buyers—The Home Depot 48 in. H x 24 in. W White Pegboard

For under $10, customers can purchase The Home Depot’s white pegboard, which is nearly 2x4 feet in size. The surface has a finish that makes it resistant to marks and dents, and it can be used with a variety of screws to attach it to wall studs. A custom fit can be achieved as well because the pegboard can be cut fairly easily and configured in different shapes and layouts. 

Reviewers have used it for a variety of purposes, from jewelry business displays to shop and studio tool storage. “I bought four of these and mounted them onto furring strip that I mounted to studs in my wall,” described one customer. “I then purchased a variety of different pegboard hooks and baskets to organize all my power tools. The heaviest tool I hung on this board was my Milwaukee M18 framing nailer, which weighs 9.6 pounds.”

BUY NOW: US$9.42, The Home Depot

6. Best Heavy-Duty Pegboard—Wall Control 2-Piece Steel Pegboards

This pegboard from Wall Control also has a unique mixture of slots and holes across its surface. It comes in multiple colors, including cobalt blue, red, and black, which gives a powder-coated steel look. Due to its material, numerous reviewers noted that it’s “sturdy” and “strong,” and it can handle a lot higher weight capacity than a standard MDF or plastic pegboard. 

“I ordered three sets of these pegboards for the workshop area of my garage,” wrote a buyer. “They were very easy to install and came with nice drywall anchors and screws. They are very solid and strong since they are metal. I like the vertical slots for shelving. There is an endless variety of hooks and accessories available.”

BUY NOW: US$52.38, Lowe’s

7. Best Lightweight Pegboard—Hardboard Pegboard 47.75” x 95.75”

The weight and sturdiness of a metal pegboard may not be needed for every space, therefore a lightweight hardboard material, such as this version from Lowe’s, may serve as a great solution for smaller organization tasks. At 24 pounds, it’s built for small tools and hanging other items on hooks, whether that’s tool storage for screwdrivers and hammers or extension cords. 

That being said, several customers were able to use it for hanging up caulking guns, nail guns, and cordless drills, too. “Much cheaper than slat wall and the hangers are cheaper than the tools needed for slat wall,” noted a customer. “I recently put my old kitchen cabinets in the garage and I used this peg board like a backsplash. Saws without trouble and goes up easily.” Another wrote that the “pegboard transformed our garage.”

BUY NOW: US$22.98, Lowe’s

8. Best Storage Bins for Pegboards—Right Arrange Pegboard Bins

There are plenty of pegboard accessories out there including paper towel holder add-ons, hangers for heavy tools, and plastic bins, such as these from Right Arrange. There are 14 different sets available. Often there aren’t many included accessories when buying a pegboard alone, so these 12 storage bins serve as a great solution to help any pegboard hold screws, washers, nails, and other small parts. At the front of each bin, there is space for writing what’s contained inside to better sort out supplies and keep track.

“First off, the bins are very well made,” began a reviewer. “As someone who's worked in plastics for 15 years, I notice these things. They're thick enough to not be warped by ejection from the mold. That's important for them to hang flush on your pegboard.” The same reviewer went on to mention that the best thing about these is its hangers. “The way they slide into the groove on the back gives you flexibility with where they hang,” they wrote.

BUY NOW: US$24.90, Amazon

9. Best Slotted Pegboard System—Platinum Elfa Utility Pegboards

Available in four sizes, The Container Store’s Elfa pegboard is well-built for organizing garages, sheds, stores, and craft rooms. It can be attached to the wall directly or used in tandem with other mounting systems that the brand has. There are also pegboard organizer accessories available to make the steel panel fit for the right tools. Another one of its key features is the slotted holes, which make it easier for various types of hooks and accessories to latch on. 

“As a guy living in a New York City apartment with limited space, taking out a specific tool used to mean unloading the whole closet,” explained a customer. “The Elfa utility board allows for a wall mount and flexible options to hang my tools (hammer, power drill, hack saw, paint brushes, etc). It's easy to install and stable even on drywall.”

BUY NOW: From US$25, The Container Store

10. Best Pegboard Hooks—Storehouse 1/4 In. Pegboard Hooks, 32 Pc.

A single hook or the few that occasionally come with a pegboard aren’t enough to get full use out of these convenient organization systems. Garage tools, craft supplies, and industrial components can’t be sorted without the help of hooks, like these from Harbor Freight. These make a pegboard organizer functional and come with 32 pieces in total, including large round hooks, double hooks, and even mounting hardware.

“If you have a properly arranged shop with many hand tools, these help to arrange most used tools at easy-to-reach locations,” explained one reviewer. Another person added, “The value for the price is great; I have a number of larger tools, including nailers, cords, etc., and this assortment really fits the bill.”

BUY NOW: US$7.99, Harbor Freight

The Best Pegboard—Summary

Whether powder-coated metal pegboards, MDF options, or plastic panels are most appealing and useful for your needs, these pegboard organizer options will help organize everything from lighter tools and supplies to heavy storage units and power tools.

With how much weight it can hold, the Wall Control pegboard (US$52.38, Lowe’s) is a great solution for all your tools and supplies. For accessories, Right Arrange’s bins (US$24.90, Amazon) are ideal for getting a pegboard ready for action.

We hope our review of the best pegboard organizer has been helpful. For more suppliers of products related to pegboard organizer and panel options, including pegboard and perforated board hooks, perforated board and pegboard fixtures, hardboard display components, and wall organizers, consult our additional guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

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