Cantilever Scaffolding

Here at Stellar Scaffolding, we also provide cantilever hanging scaffolding solutions with the most common uses for this type of scaffolding being for maintenance and roofing on tall structures.  A cantilevered hanging scaffold is a scaffold structure that is attached or supported at one end only and eliminates the requirements for poles and frames to be erected in front of a structure.  Furthermore, cantilever hanging scaffolding is also used when obstacles on the ground or narrow pathways prevent basing the scaffolding on the ground. For more information, get in touch with Stellar Scaffolding today by calling us directly.

The Components

The cantilever hanging scaffolding system consists of various components that makes it highly effective for a variety of building projects.  The platform provides the surface on which workers stand and perform their tasks, as well as managing supplies. As the cantilever scaffolding has platforms attached vertically too, this is perfect for extra protection.  Moreover, toe boards are also attached to the platforms which helps to keep all vital resources, equipment and expensive tools safe and secure to prevent them from falling over the scaffolding.  As for most scaffolding projects, construction work is performed from a high level and therefore protective rails are also required to stop workers from falling off of the platform.

Where Is Cantilever Hanging Scaffolding Used?

Cantilever hanging scaffolding is mainly used in engineering and maintenance of high buildings and tall structures that may include cathedrals, town halls, tower blocks and churches to name just a few.  Before any scaffolding goes ahead on these types of buildings, a thorough risk assessment will take place to ensure that the building is firstly secure for scaffolding.

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Looking for Local Cantilever Scaffolding?

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