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Cantilever Scaffolding System

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Cantilever scaffolding is highly cost effective and time effective in situations where the surface does not allow for a regular scaffolding system. In normal circumstances where the ground surface is stable and leveled, erecting a conventional scaffolding system is possible. Conventional scaffolds are usually erected on a frame or a base plate that rests on a stable surface. Where the surface is unstable or weak, cantilever scaffolds provide an excellent solution. Examples of such a surface include glazed roof, sloping roof, and stairs.

Cantilever Scaffolding


Cantilever scaffolding is also referred to as needle scaffolding. The reason for this is that a needle supports the entire scaffold. Needle scaffolding proves highly effective in situations such as:

  1. When the ground surface does not allow for a conventional scaffold set up.
  2. When the project is on the side of a busy road or street that cannot be blocked.
  3. When construction or maintenance is required at a great height.

A needle, in this case, is made of timber, and is extended out or cantilevered from holes in the wall of the building being constructed. The needle is fully braced on all sides to prevent it from lifting up or tipping over. Workers employed on a cantilever scaffold must have safety harnesses for maximum protection.

Components of a Cantilever/Needle Scaffold


A platform provides the surface on which workers stand and perform their tasks. A cantilever scaffold has platforms attached vertically as well to provide protection.

Toe board

Toe boards are attached to the platforms. Not only do these keep tools, equipment and other work-related material from falling over, they also provide security to the workers.

Protective rails

Protective rails serve as protection for the workers from falling off the platform. When working at such great heights, the chances of falling over are quite high. Protective rails minimize the danger and provide a safe working platform for construction and maintenance workers.

Monarflex Sheeting

The platforms on a cantilever scaffold are double boarded with a layer of monarflex sheeting in between. This is to prevent workers, tools and debris from falling through to another property.


Cantilever Scaffold for Sale/Hire

Most shops require that their customers get in touch to get an estimate for their order. Cantilever scaffold can be bought, and if required only temporarily, it can be hired for as low as USD 60 a week.

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