Automated cloud security monitoring

Cloud security is more than challenging. Your organization faces possible fines and new-process costs to comply with continuous regulation updates coupled with a cybersecurity skills shortage. Moreover, you might have too many tools from too many vendors. 60% of companies use more than 25 unique security products, and 44% engage with more than 10 vendors.

The predicted industry cost of these challenges? Out of the 20.8 billion assets you need to secure, 5 billion personal data records will be stolen and 1 trillion dollars lost over the next 2 years.

With IBM cloud security monitoring solutions, you can move beyond compliance, address skill shortages, and stay in control of your threat management efforts to secure all your assets and prevent business loss.


Benefits of cloud security monitoring

Cloud security monitoring empowers you to address your most critical security challenges.


QRadar® cloud security monitoring solutions

Manage, mitigate and move on from cyberattacks through prevention, detection and response with IBM unified threat management.

IBM Security® QRadar® SIEM

Detect, prioritize and respond to threats across the enterprise. Automatically analyze and aggregate log and flow data from thousands of devices, endpoints and apps across your network.

IBM Security® QRadar® NDR

Catch hidden threats lurking within your infrastructure with network visibility and advanced analytics before it’s too late.

IBM Security® QRadar® XDR Connect

Save time by connecting tools, workflows, insights and people with a solution that adapts to your team’s skills and needs, whether they’re analysts or experienced threat hunters.

IBM Security® QRadar® SOAR

Respond to cyberthreats with confidence, automate with intelligence and collaborate with consistency by using a solution that integrates with other security tools.

Cloud security solutions

Move confidently to hybrid multicloud by integrating security into every phase of your cloud journey with cloud security solutions.


What is cloud security?

Learn what cloud security is, why it's essential and about solutions to its challenges.

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