Looking for a rubber floor or deck coating that is effective and durable? Dura-Rubber is just exactly that a water-based liquid rubber coating solution with a rubber base, which makes it a tuff waterproof solution for decks, rubber gym flooring, and commercial kitchen floors. Replace or repair those rubber floor tiles with a solid rubber coat with no gaps that keep debris and water out. Rubber floor for basements, rubber coating for pool patios and more. Works excellent to deaden the sound of a hard surface.




1 Gallon (Dura-Rubber)

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1 Gallon Kit (Dura-Rubber)

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5 Gallon (Dura-Rubber)

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5 Gallon Pool Kit (Dura-Rubber)

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Crumb Rubber

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All Purpose Primer

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Propylene Glycol

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Flood Protection 

I first purchased rubberizeit over 5 years ago to protect our house in Louisiana from the flooding.Every year Rita and I would have to dry out carpet and fix damaged drywall from flooding.I removed 12” of siding and replaced it with cement board and waterproofed it with rubberizeit. For five years our house has been dry. I painted my house this year and the rubberizeit I put on five years ago was black I purchased a five of rubberizeit and they were able to tint it to match my house.Thank you Mr Paul  

Lloyd & Rita Landry 


Pebble Tec Pool & Spa Coating

I I had the opportunity to work the rubberizeit team. They are in Oregon and I am I Texas. I was looking to refresh my pool/spa via high end paint vs a costly re-plaster. Their paint was a perfect solution. I needed 20-25 gallons to get two full coats. Although there was a small snag with my initial order the rubberizeit customer service team jumped into action and handled all my questions and even provided additional paint to resolve the earlier snag with the initial order. Impressed with the product and the company.

Steve Bacon 


Waterproofing Deck

Rubberize It! liquid rubber coating was the perfect solution for me. By painting the bonding layer up my walls, into my corners, and down my pitches there was no folding, pleating, or splicing I needed to do and it made one integral coating. Next I laid down my mesh, since this is thin mesh and not a water impervious sheet, I could just lay it and push it into my bonding layer and it created a continuous layer across my entire surface and all my abutments. This year I need to build two more decks on opposite corners of the house. Two more batches of Rubberize It! liquid rubber please. Thank you for providing me this great solution that fit my custom project. 

Kenny P


DIY Canvas Boat

Hi Paul the boat is finished and I am impressed with the Rubberizeit paint. It is a tough finish I am very happy with the results. Dave




I want to thank you for the development of Rubberizeit Dura-Rubber We purchased this house 10 years ago. One of the features my spouse liked was the fountain at the end of the driveway. The disclosure statement said the fountain leaked. Being an engineer, there is no problem too big. When we filled it and started the pump, the fountain leaked so bad, it was out of water in 3 hours. I contacted the mason who built it, and he said it should be torn down and redone properly. He indicated when the previous owner wanted it made, she wanted it made out of rock, using the concrete driveway for the bottom. He informed her that it would develop cracks and start leaking.

Gerald S.