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Wedge Wire Screen

  • Fully welded construction, high strength and light weight.
  • Due to the V-shaped cross section of welding wires, it is clogging-resistant, and effective in dewatering.
  • It can be machined into different shapes to be flat, cylindrical (inward curling, outward curling), conic and so on.
  • It can be made from some special materials, such as titanium, hastelloy, monel, etc.
WA screen
Made of supporting bars welded to spiral wires, it is often used in different kinds of filters and water-collecting screens.
WW screen
A flat screen which is used in vibrating screens for dewatering or the separating part inside the sink. It covers a wide range of applications.
Centrifuge basket
A cylindrical or conic screen which is mainly used as the filter of a centrifuge.
Drum screen
A cylindrical (inward curling) screen which is used in rotary solid-liquid separators, hydro-extractors, filters, etc. It covers a wide range of applications.
Sieve bend screen
A screen is bent and curved, and used in static sieve screens for solid-liquid separation.
Well screen
A cylindrical (outward curling) screen similar to WA screen, used as a water-collecting screen in occasions involving with wells or petroleum.
WA screen WW screen Drum screen Well screen

Various Wedge Wire Screens

Wedge Wire Screen