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A well-built chain link fence can last for years, but to make it solid and secure, you need to start off by using high-quality components. At Ace Hardware, we stock a wide range of metal fence posts to give your project a strong foundation for building lightweight and flexible chicken wire fences or sturdy heavy-gauge steel fences. 

We stock the following kinds of steel fence posts and accessories to help you complete your chain link fence project:

Line Posts 

Line posts are the standard type of chain link fence post and support your fencing material when spaced evenly throughout the length of the fence. Place line posts a maximum of ten feet apart to give full support to the chain link fabric.

We stock line posts in heights of up to 96 inches, made from galvanized steel for rust-free durability. They're strong enough to support heavy gauge chain link fabric for maximum security.

Steel U-Posts 

U-posts are a type of line post with a U-shaped cross-section, making them easy to install in the earth while staying sturdy under pressure. They're fitted with studs along the spine to help keep the chain link taut. At Ace, you can find steel u-posts in heights from 36 inches up to 72 inches.

Metal T-Posts 

T-posts are similar to U-posts but with a T-shaped cross-section instead. They're easier to drive into the ground, but aren't quite as sturdy under heavier loads. T-posts work well for temporary, movable fencing or fences that don't need to provide a high level of security.

Corner Posts 

As the name suggests, corner posts are placed where your fence needs to turn a corner. To make this easier, corner posts are made with two sets of fittings, usually at a 90-degree angle. We carry galvanized steel corner posts in sizes to match our standard steel line posts.

Terminal Posts 

A terminal post is the main load-bearing section of the fence, providing the stability to keep the fabric straight and vertical. Terminal posts are normally either placed at the corners or ends of a fence or at a gate section.

Fence Tension Bar 

Tension bars are fitted next to the terminal posts, securely attaching the chain link fabric to the post and holding it firmly in place.

Fence Gates 

Fence gates allow access through the fence without reducing its strength or fabric tension. We sell adjustable gates to fit chain link fences of different sizes. Made from heavy-duty steel, our gates combine function and durability for long-lasting use.

For permanent fence installations with high traffic loads, consider fitting an automatic gate system for increased security and convenience. 

Kits and Accessories

We also carry a full range of chain link fence accessories and kits, including carriage bolts, corner and end post kits, rail ends and more.

Our fence posts, fabrics and accessories come with instructions but if you need assistance with building a chain link fence, we're here to help. If you have questions on any fencing or hardware topic, head for your local Ace store where our friendly staff can give expert, easy-to-follow advice.