Formwork beams H20

Company WOODMIX Ltd. offers construction companies and companies formwork beams H-20 with high quality and at good producer prices.

The wood beams H-20 are a major component of the formwork and greatly facilitate and accelerate the construction of monolithic concrete buildings and structures.

The beams are highly load-bearing, which guarantees the strength and reliability of the formwork and eliminates the need for additional building materials to strengthen it. This significantly saves time and money.

The beams H 20 are used for both horizontal and vertical formwork.

Beams are environmentally friendly building materials and are therefore widely used to build private homes.

We offer our clients formwork beams H-20 after testing them according to different parameters.

The products have European quality and characteristics that exceed the requirements of the European standard EN 13377: 2002.

The production process is carried out using modern equipment and high-quality dried wood.

Advantages of the H-20 formwork beams:

  • Durability in use is achieved through an excellent connection between the upper and lower flanges with the stem (central beam) which are glued in a press under pressure.
  • The stem is made of moisture-resistant 24 mm thick birch plywood from leading manufacturers in Russia whose humidity is no more than 15%.
  • The special plywood resin used in the beams allows you to achieve good results when used.
  • The FOLCO LIT adhesive (Germany), which meets the D4 class of the European Standards EN 204/205, gives high breaking pointand ensures consistent quality of products, verified over time.
  • The cover of the beams is weatherproof and has an antiseptic effect.

Physico-mechanical characteristics

  • Indicator: admissible bending moment M (kMn)– 6.22
  • Normative value (requirement EN 13377 not less than)– 5.0
  • Indicator: admissible shear force Q (kN) – 14.0
  • Normative value (requirement EN 13377 not less than)– 11.0

Technical data:

  • Beam height - 200 mm
  • Flange width - 80 mm
  • Flange thickness - 40 mm
  • Length - 1.5 m - 6.0 m
  • Weight - 5.0 kg / m
  • Stem - moisture resistant plywood of birch thickness 24 mm
  • Glue - "FOLCO LIT D4" (Germany)
  • Country of manufacture – Russia


  • multiple uses
  • quick assembly and disassembly in construction
  • convenient storage
  • good price / quality ratio / number of cycles of use

Thanks to its durability and efficient use, our H-20 beams are popular in many countries.

H20 Concrete Formwork Beam