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H Frame / U Frame Scaffolding – Shree Hari Engineering

H Frame / U Frame Scaffolding

H Frame / U Frame Scaffolding

H Frame / U Frame Scaffolding :

Shree Hari Engieering supplies the most popular scaffolding frame set/ H Frame for use in plastering,
masonry and general construction.The H frames are Safeway style and compatible frame scaffolding.
this frames are manufactured from the highest quality MS Pipes.

H Frame consist of welded frames with 48 od vertical pipes, braced together with scissor type cross
braces secured by bolts. The H-Frame scaffolding system consist of modules. One module comprise of
Two H Frames and two diagonals, one horizontal connection and four Cross bracings for connection.
It covers totally 4 meter area.

Cross Bracing:

Is provided in alternative bays for scaffolding greater heights. It is suitable for H Frame at
spacing of 2.5, 2.0, 1.5 and 1.0 Meter.Other sizes made available as per request.
H Frame is ideal as an access scaffolding and support staging.
Sizes of ‘H’ Frames
Sr.No Size(HxW)in mm Self – Weight in Kg./Nos.
1 2000×1000 21.40
2 2000×1250 23.00
3 2000×2000 28.00
4 2400×1000 28.60
5 2400×1250 30.35
 Sizes of Cross Braces
Sr.No Size(AxB)in mm. Spacing In mm Lenth(L)in mm Pipe Dia Self Wt .in Kgs.
1 2500×1500 2500 2950 25NB




2 2000×1500 2000 2550 25NB




3 1250×1500 1250 2000 25NB





Ordering Information

Qty. (Frames) = (L/B +1)x (H/h)
Qty. (Cross Braces) = (L/B)x (H/h) x 2
Qty. (Base Plates) = (L/B+1) x 2
Spring Clips = Qty (Frames) x 4
For height below 60 ft. “X-Brace” to be Provided in alternate bays except bottom, top and Bays

L=Scaffolding Length H= Scaffolding Height
B= Bay Spacing h= Scaffolding Height


Jali ( Khapeda ) / plank / Walkway / MS Chali

Cross Bracing

Product Enquiry

Product Enquiry