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High damping rubber bearing

High damping rubber bearing

High damping rubber bearing, also known as HDR, has very similar appearance to lead rubber bearings, but they are totally different in nature. High damping rubber bearing is composed of special rubber with excellent damping attribute, sandwiched together with layers of steel without any lead plugs.

Superior rubber materials

We adopt the best rubber material of high damping ability, which enable it to absorb large energy of earthquake, taking advantage of its high elasticity, friction damping and viscosity damping characteristics as well as high durability.

High damping rubber bearings protect the building from damages and deformation.

Excellent seismic isolation properties

A high damping rubber bearing is very stiff in nature, however, during earthquake, it becomes very flexible in horizontal direction so that they can reduce the earthquake force upon the building or bridges by changing its own shape. Most of all, it can spring back to its original shape after earthquake owing to high elastomeric property.

Stable bilinear behavior of high damping rubber bearing

Stable bilinear behavior

Stable bilinear behavior of the bearing make the structure analysis results (see right picture) more similar to the real movements of buildings. The smooth hysteresis curves shows that the high damping rubber bearing is reliable in long-term durability and performance safety.

Beside above features, the bearing we supplied is environmental friendly, easy to install without separated damper. As your request, the high damping rubber bearing can be manufactured in rectangular or round shapes. Custom sizes and designs are also welcomed.

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High damping rubber bearing