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The Company's forerunner was founded by Yuzo Yanagida in March 1935 at 12, Shinmachi-dori 5-chome, Nishi-ku, Osaka in the name and sales of wire cloth for industry. In June 1947, with the growth of business, the Head Office moved to the commercial center of Osaka City ― 12-8, Minami-semba 4-chome, Minami-ku (currently Chuo-ku), Osaka ― and at the same time, the Company took its present style by reorganization. Since then, the Company successively set up its Osaka Factory in September 1948; Tokyo Branch in June 1953; Kyushu Branch in November 1954; Nagoya Branch in September 1965; and Tokyo Factory in June 1969.

In November 1976, President Rokuteru Yanagida was installed at the death of his father Founder Yuzo Yanagida. At the completion of a new Head Office building named Kansai Shinsaibashi Bldg. In November 1977, the Company inaugurated also on office space lending operations. In July 1984, Tokyo Branch moved to its present location for handling its expanded business. The Company celebrated the golden jubilee of the founding in March 1985. And in March 1986, Kansai U.S.A. Coporation was established in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., as Texas Corporation.

In November 1987, a new company building named Kansai Kanaami Bldg. was built for a closer contact with operations at the Head Office and for the rationalization of the whole company's stock and shipping operations at the present Head Office location, annexing then existing Osaka Warehouse, and the Head Office moved in there. Since then as ever before, Kansai Wire Netting Co., Ltd. has been making all the more steady progress in its line of business.

In August 1990, Air Bag division began commercial production of filter for inflator of airbag system in vehicles. In September 1990, Siam Wire Netting Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand as Thailand Company. In March 1992, its factory was completed at "Northern Region Industrial Estate" in Lamphun province and began to export stainless steel woven wire mesh to U.S.A. and other countries including Japan.

In March 1996, Osaka Factory was rebuilt.

In August 1997, International Mesh Products Pte., Ltd. was established as an affiliated company of Siam Wire Netting Co., Ltd. for enlargement in sales for Asian area. In July 1998, started to own an interest in Termimesh Australia Pty., Ltd. that engages in business of mesh products for preventing wooden house from being damaged by termites.

In March 2000, Osaka Factory obtained ISO9002 Certification. In May of the year, Yoshio Matsuki became president and Rokuteru Yanagida assumed the position of chairman.

In October 2002, Air Bag Division obtained ISO9001:2000 Certification

In March 2003, Kansai Wire Netting Co., Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Filcon Co., Ltd.

In December 2003, Tokyo Factory obtained ISO9001:2000 Certification

In May 2004, Kansai Wire Netting Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was established in China as a joint venture with Taiwanese company.

In February 2007, Thai Sintered Mesh Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand as a joint venture with Nichidai Corporation.

In July 2007, TMA CORPORATION Pty., Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Kansai Wire Netting Co., Ltd.

In July 2012, Amagasaki factory started operation for filter and screen products.

In January 2013, Hideaki Tanikawa became president and Yoshio Matsuki assumed the position of chairman.

In January 2016, Amagasaki Factory obtained ISO9001:2008 Certification

In November 2017, Kansai Wire Netting Co., Ltd. obtained ISO9001:2015 certification for all divisions.

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