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MedinPure PVC-Free Sheet

A PVC-free alternative that integrates science and design to advance quality of care in healing environments. The palette honors the landscapes synonymous with the American West to promote restoration and renewal.


Offers a calming color palette in reimagined neutrals. To add visual interest, its uniform construction features contrasting chip colors for depth and movement.


Features a complete spectrum of soft tonal neutrals and bright pops of color, perfect for orienting visitors and creating engaging learning environments.

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Accolade Plus

Accolade Plus is a homogeneous sheet vinyl floor with a contemporary color palette and bold tone-on-tone visual, which combines excellent durability and maintenance characteristics.


HOM Product Structure

  1. Commercial Coating
    • Scratch, scuff, and stain performance for appearance retention
    • Resistant to alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  2. True Through-Pattern Wear Layer
    • Pattern/color wear performance for high durability
    • Abrasion and gouge resistance
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