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Hotel signage cantilever scaffolding

Hotel signage cantilever scaffolding

Scaffolding to replace the signage at the top of this building was never going to be built from the ground up!  Premier Scaffolds secured the project with an imaginative design using their Layher Allround Lightweight (LW) equipment.  The design took full advantage of the cantilever and bridging possibilities offered by the Layher Allround system.

With the floor-to-soffit props securely in position, it was simply a matter of assembling the cantilevers outside the balcony then building the lifts above.

Managing Director of Premier Scaffolds, Mark Conias said “Safely providing tailored access solutions is a core value offered by Premier Scaffolds.  Our Layher Allround Lightweight product was an obvious choice for this project, and our customer was delighted.”

Thank you to Mark Conias for providing this photograph.