Is Epoxy Flooring Waterproof?

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for those who want to protect their concrete floors, while adding a little panache to an otherwise industrial-looking space.  Choosing a floor coating that adds years of life to your garage, basement, or any other areas with concrete flooring, both residential and commercial, makes sense.  But, there are so many additional benefits to epoxy flooring.

Yes, epoxy flooring provides a shield against water, and the subsequent degradation it can cause.  More than that, however, Prestige Floor Coating products offer a barrier against spills of all kinds, including abrasive and caustic chemicals.  Your new floor coating is also stain-resistant, which makes it ideal for high-traffic showrooms, warehouses, and areas of your home, such as your garage, basement, or enclosed patio.

Epoxy Floors — Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance

Unlike the so-called “protective” floor paints, Prestige Floor Coating actually binds to your concrete flooring.  This creates a seal that will last a lifetime.  You never need to worry about peeling, blistering, or having to reapply regularly.

What’s more, your professional floor coating protects your concrete for decades.  Cracks, pitting, and holes are prevented when you apply epoxy floor coating.  This durable and resilient product extends the life of your concrete, saving you costly repair and replacement.

Epoxy flooring is clean and easy to maintain.  The dust, dirt, and grime, constant with a concrete floor, is never an issue when you install Prestige Floor Coating in your home or business.  Our floor coating is also resistant to fading and damage from the elements. Your flooring will retain it’s good looks for years to come.

Prestige products come in a wide variety of colors and styles, to complement your decor.  You can even choose the colors of your favorite sports team.  Our floor coatings are aesthetically pleasing in every way.  There’s no odor, and installation doesn’t take long at all-typically two to three days.

A Safer Floor

One of the many problems with unprotected concrete, painted or not, is the risk of slip-and-fall injuries to your family and friends.  Not only can it be a frightening event to endure, whether or not the fall results in broken bones, or serious injury, but a slip-and-fall occurrence can be a liability.  Ensure the safety of your family and guests by installing a floor coating that allows for sure-footing.

Proper Installation A Must

Of course, in order to gain all of the benefits epoxy flooring offers, you will need professional installation.  Why risk your floor’s protection and good looks to anyone but the experienced installation team at Prestige Floor Coating?  Prestige is the number one name in floor coating, here in Maryland, and across the country.

Prestige has created an impenetrable floor coating, resistant to water, and anything else you throw at it.  Our staff chemists formulated the ideal coating for east coast climates, so you never need to be concerned about sub-freezing temperatures, ground-swelling rain, or heat and humidity.  For superior epoxy flooring and installation, trust Prestige Floor Coating.

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