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Monad Terrace Green Walls
Miami South Beach

Jakob Rope Systems

Jakob Rope Systems Jakob Rope Systems is one of the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of top-end, design-forward solutions to industrial and construction-related rope and cable applications in which elegance, simplicity and superlative quality are required.

Now, for more than a century and in over 55 countries, Jakob offers a range of steel rope products to our clients who return time and again seeking a reliable maker and provider of stainless steel wire ropes, rod fasteners, nets and unique fittings, all custom-designed and produced to fit exact specifications. At Jakob, we understand it’s the little details that make the big differences.

Every piece of finished goods leaving our warehouses is put through a stringent testing process to ensure compliance with AISI 316, ISO and DIN standards. Our cable railing, wire mesh, wire ropes, and rods can be used in multiple applications, both indoor and outdoor and at various scales, such as sign stanchions, shelving, as trellises on green walls, safety netting, and even in zoo enclosures.

Jakob and our USA -based team can provide cables and wire netting solutions for any commercial and business application. We take pride in offering custom-made designs to fit our clients’ needs.

Whether a solution tailored to a budget or an all-encompassing package including structural applications that you’re seeking, we at Jakob USA are well-equipped to assist you with your project.

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