MK4 POT Bearing

POT bearings are structural bearings which support vertical and horizontal loads and permit limited rotation around any horizontal axis and have therefore, an extremely wide range of applications.

They can be designed and manufactured for practically any load in a temperature range between -20ºC and 50ºC and have actually been tested for vertical loads up to 100.000 kN.

MK4 bearings are widely used in structural, marine and civil engineering applications, and particularly in bridges. Bearings are available in carbon steel as standard and in stainless steel for applications where corrosion is a potential problem.

MK4 bearings are designed to meet the requirements of the European Standard EN 1337-5 and have the qualification of the CE mark. Nevertheless, MK4 can also supply pot bearings complying with other standards, upon request.

With European Standard EN 1337 Approval.
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MK4 POT bearings are available in three main types: type PF (Fixed), type PG or PT (longitudinally Guided sliding or Transversally guided sliding), and type PM (Multidirectional or free sliding). All three types allow rotation. Fixed bearings provide restraint in all horizontal directions. Guided bearings allow movement in one horizontal direction and provide restraint in the other direction. Free sliding bearings allow movement in all horizontal directions. All three types utilize a confined elastomeric principle which enables the product to support high pressures. The inherent properties of the confined elastomeric material allow it to shift much like a viscous liquid upon rotation, offering minimal resistance.

Special Bearings

As well as traditional bearings capable of accommodating loads, movements and rotations for standard structures,

MK4 is also well placed to provide customized solutions to suit specific requirements such as:

  • Special bearings for Incremental Launching
  • High rotation capacity
  • Temporary restrictions of movement
  • Temporary direction of movement
  • High horizontal forces
  • Anti seismic bearings
  • Uplift bearings
  • Shear Pins
  • Special anchoring system

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