Parquet Flooring Toronto

Parquet floors were developed at the luxurious Palace of Versailles. They can bring a sophisticated decorative touch to your home.

Parquetry uses small pieces of wood to create designs on your floor. These can range from a simple herringbone pattern to an elaborate design featuring different woods. Parquet floors are available prefinished or unfinished. Solid and engineered parquet floors are also available.

Parquet floors used to be extremely sensitive to moisture. When it got too humid, they would bulge or collapse. You don’t have to worry about that any more. Today’s, parquet flooring is resistant to moisture. It can be installed even at the basement level. Parquet floors have several advantages. They can be cleaned easily and resist spills and stains. Parquet floors have environmental advantages over carpeting and synthetic-based floor systems.

Parquet floors are easy to maintain. If parquet flooring show signs of damage, the outside can be easily renewed by applying light sanding and re-sealing using varnish.

Other types of flooring are solid wood flooringlaminate flooring, and parquet. Each type has situations where it will and will not be the best choice.

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