Available Sizes:
Thickness: 6mm to 18mm
Length X Width: 2440 X 1220mm

JACWUDWPC boards (Wood polymer composite boards) are manufactured using wood fibre and PVC granules. It is a perfect product for use in wet areas. The WPC boards have the aging properties of wood and water and the termite proof properties of PVC and is a better alternative to Marine Plywood and similar panels. The WPC boards are combined and manufactured with the advantages of plastic and wood pavnels. Buy kitchen WPC boards from top WPC board manufacturers in India.

  • It is a Wood-PVC combination board which can be used in wet areas as a better alternative to marine plywood and similar panels.
  • The technical name of the product is a WPC Crust Foam Board.
  • It is fire retarded, waterproof, heat/cold resistant, anti-ultraviolet, anti corrosion and anti- decay.
  • It is 100% formaldehydefree.
  • Its durability features are – Aging–resistant, no deformation, no shrinking, no cracking, no de-colouring, pest resistant. It does not absorb moisture thus does not deform.
  • This board is a unique board compared to the white coloured PVC boards as WPC boards have the combined advantage of plastic and wood. The white coloured boards are 100% plastic and does not have the ageing properties of wood.
  • The leftover cut pieces can be recycled 15 times and hence environment friendly.
  • It can be processed by means of nailing, boring, plane, chiseling, riveting, sticking etc.. and it can be painted, printed, laminated, embossed etc..
  • The boards are offered in 8’x4’ size and in 18mm to  6mm thickness.
  • The density of Jacwud WPC is 550 kg.

Wood polymer composite boards are highly durable synthetic materials for construction purposes. It has proved to be the best replacement for natural wood and plywood. Wood Polymer Composite Boards are usually available in every standard size as per customer needs. Some manufacturers provide a life-long guarantee for the WPC boards. These boards can be made into furniture and other items of any shape and size. The WPC boards have the combined advantage of both plastic and wood, making them more ideal than plastic and wood alone. This is a widely demanded product all over India and is known by various different terms such as WPC shuttering board, WPC plates, WPC sheets etc.  

Advantages of Wood Polymer Composite Boards(WPS)

  • Wood polymer composite materials are highly durable and termite-free. It is fire resistant as well, hence eliminating the chances of decay and burn.
  • It is highly eco-friendly as no trees are being cut down for the manufacturing of WPC.
  • As WPC boards can be shaped and moulded into any form and shape required, they are in high demand.
  • WPC boards can be used best in both interior and exterior environments.
  • It is recyclable as it is completely synthetic, and hence it is eco-friendly.
  • WPC boards are available in different densities and thicknesses that suit different needs.
  • It is very carpenter-friendly. You don’t need to have any special knowledge to work with Wood Polymer Boards.
  • WPC boards have a long-lasting lifespan. Painting or polishing them at certain intervals could give them an all-new look.
  • They are also free from lead, methanoland other hazardous materials, making them safe to use and not affect the health of children and older people like other synthetic materials.

Common Uses of Wood Polymer Composite Boards

Wood Polymer Composite Boards can be widely used for anything and everything. Starting from interior furnishings and modular kitchens to exterior perimeter fencing, wood-polymer composite materials are commonly used to build interior and exterior furniture of all sorts, including door and window frames and railings, bathroom cabinets and vanities, modular kitchens, wall panelling, false ceiling solutions, etc. It can be widely used for manufacturing patio and garden furniture, aesthetic garden fencing, etc. as it is highly water-resistant and ultraviolet-ray resistant. Wood Polymer Composite can also be used for advertising, sign boards, display, and digital printing, among other things.

Why Should You Use Jacwud Wood Polymer Composite Boards?

Giving your furniture, ceiling, and other cabinets an elegant and exquisite look, Jacwud Wood Polymer Composite Boards give a pleasing appearance in total. Jacwud WPC is completely termite-free and is the leading WPC board manufacturer in India. Wood Polymer Composite is a better option compared to plywood because plywood doesn’t last as long or have the strength and thickness as much as WPC. They are fire resistant, ultraviolet-ray resistant, and don’t absorb moisture, so they would not decay or rot. These wood-polymer composites would be perfect for modular kitchens and other cabinets. Buy kitchen WPC board from Jacwud for the elegant look at an affordable price.


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