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Wedge Wire Screen

Wedge Wire Screen is a multi-functional screen that we are uniquely positioned to supply.

This is a multipurpose screen with characteristics of toughness and clogging resistance where slit / slot (mesh) suitable for the application are formed by arranging "wedge wires" with a triangle shape at equal intervals. They can be used for filtration, solid-liquid separation, classification, dewatering, concentration, etc. regardless of industry or location.

Features of Wedge Wire Screen

Less clogging, good dewatering
The " triangle shape," which is the biggest feature of the Wedge Wire Screen, means that as solids pass through, the contact points are small and the tips of the slits are widened, such that solids are less likely to clog, and even they do clog, there is a strong backwashing effect, resulting in excellent maintainability.
①Screen formation with wire diameter larger than the slit is possible.
②Because the screen surface is smooth, the degree of wear is constant.
③The standard material is stainless steel (SUS304, 316L).
Therefore, Wedge Wire Screen feature higher strength and durability than filters such as wire mesh, perforated plates or filter cloths, and depending on the usage environment and material, they can be used almost indefinitely without replacement, reducing running costs. In addition, we are also able to produce Wedge Wire Screen using special materials such as titanium or duplex stainless steel.
High strength, high durability
Broad flexibility in design
Because many processing variations are possible, Wedge Wire Screen can be manufactured in various shapes such as flat, cylindrical or conical.


Machine parts such as filtration equipment, centrifugal separators, dewatering machines and vibration sieve machines, intake of river water / seawater, retention of activated carbon / ion exchange resin / catalysts / filter material, etc., prevention of outflow of carrier, strainer elements, etc.

Fine Wedge®

Using the characteristics of conventional wedge wire, we have developed a screen that uses wire with an upper side dimension of 1 mm or less and slit (slot) of 100 μm (0.1 mm) or less, for the purpose of finer processing. Based on the world's highest level of technical capability we are able to form 5 μm slit (slot). Fine Wedge® is attracting attention from the viewpoint of environmental conservation as a metal screen that can be 100% recycled unlike filter cloth / filter paper.

Features of Fine Wedge®

The best precision in the world
Slit (slot) can be set with higher precision compared with wire mesh / stamped steel plates or other screens, with a tolerance independently defined. We can support slits of minimum 5 μm (0.005 mm). This is the highest standard precision among Wedge Wire Screen makers around the world.
Compared to wire mesh, laminated wire mesh, filter paper, filter cloth, and various other filters, Fine Wedge® has high strength and load bearing, and offers excellent durability. Moreover, it has rigidity against washing pressure, and handling is easier than other filters with similar apertures. These features make it possible to use Fine Wedge® for long periods and in various applications and environments.
High strength, high durability
Easy maintenance, and clogging can be easily eliminated thanks to the backwashing effect. Filters in the 5 to 100 μm region are generally replaced when they are clogged, but even if Fine Wedge® becomes clogged, it can be eliminated thanks to the backwashing effect. This feature reduces maintenance costs and time-consuming work.


Strainer elements, starch refining processes, reaction towers at chemical / drug factories, crushing bead mills, retention materials for diatomaceous earth filtration, sludge recovery in antifreeze / cooling water / coolant liquid, substitution or pretreatment of resin filters / nonwoven fabric / meshes / laminated wire meshes / MF membranes, etc.

Wedge Wire Screen