Round Fence Posts

As one of the leading manufacturers of round fence posts in North America, our Nacogdoches, Texas mill was one of the first mills in the southern United States to install a system to produce turned posts rather than peeled posts. They are straighter, cleaner and have less bark or unsightly blemishes and by using true Southern Yellow Pine Saplings, they are the strongest posts available

Our posts are then bundled in smaller, square packs with sticks between every row not just to make the pack square but more importantly to allow every post in the bundle to dry more evenly. This drying process assures that the posts will be treated correctly to the American Wood Protection Association Standards with any of our most common preservatives; CCA, CA-C, MCA or Creosote.

Other manufacturers have tried to copy the look of our posts but the strength, treatment and quality of our posts remain unsurpassed. The smaller square bundles have additional benefits like being able to use smaller, standard forklifts and they stack more neatly and efficiently. Then we use cloth banding to make them safer and easier to open without sharp steel strapping.

Round Posts in Uniform Square Packs

Our smaller square bundles stack more neatly and efficiently.

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Stained Kentucky Board Fence

Round Posts and Wire Fence

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