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Synonyms for scaffold



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Synonyms for scaffold

a temporary framework with a floor, used by workmen

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Words related to scaffold

a platform from which criminals are executed (hanged or beheaded)

a temporary arrangement erected around a building for convenience of workers

provide with a scaffold for support

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Fay Parker is rising all the way to the top as a scaffolder.
THE scaffolder who took a selfie with Wills and Kate has admitted having to tell his wife he was not flirting with the Duchess of Cambridge.
London is crying out for advanced scaffolders and offering anywhere from PS15 per hour to PS25 per hour.
"It was a great night, raising almost PS10,000 for charity - and the Interserve Scaffolders won the match 6-2."
The trial has heard that the scaffolders, who worked for a Barry firm, had met some local women and had drunk a lot of alcohol and snorted cocaine before they took a cab back to a local woman's house to continue partying.
The project will recruit trainees for a diploma level 1 scaffolding course which provides the skills and experience required to move on to a Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme qualification before finding employment in the construction and related industries.
A COURT has ordered a Midland firm to pay out almost pounds 30,000 after a scaffolder suffered multiple injuries when he fell more than 20ft through a roof.
Swansea Coroner Philip Rogers heard that self-employed scaffolder Mr Samuel had been working for Febrey Concrete of Bristol, one of whose roles had been to sub-contract scaffolders for Swansea Marina's Ferrara Quay development.
Pyeroy's regional director, Lindsay Harle, said the company currently employs more than 300 scaffolders.
Nicknamed "spiders" for their gravity-defying skills in web-like constructions, Hong Kong's bamboo scaffolders have risen above predictions that their trade would disappear.
QUICK-THINKING scaffolders battled through thick smoke to save a mother and her two children from a burning house.
A NEW guide has been published to help put Coventry's next generation of scaffolders and builders on the road to a career in construction.
I'd sleep much easier with a bit of road-rage, the whistling of scaffolders, the tip-tap of high-heeled shoes.
Three scaffolders at North Lanarkshire's Direct Labour Organisation, which lost pounds 7million of taxpayer's money two years ago, are under investigation after being caught moonlighting.