Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Stainless steel cable mesh

X-TEND® is a stainless steel cable mesh with many possible applications. The mesh consists of separate stainless steel cables that are connected to each other by means of clamps forming a diamond pattern. In this way a flexible, transparent, strong and shape-free tension net is created.

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Since the development of X-TEND® in 1990, Carl Stahl has continuously improved and further developed the cable mesh. X-TEND® is now produced in the United States and in Europe.

U.S. mesh production began in 2016 in order to focus on Made in USA and Buy America project requirements. Our production facility is located in Woodridge, IL just outside of Chicago.

In Europe, the mesh is produced under European conditions in the Carl Stahl facility in Süssen, Germany, and has European quality certificates and quality marks.

Our cable mesh is made of stainless steel AISI316. This is also known as material class 1.4401 or A4 quality. We can guarantee this quality 100% through European certificates. If necessary, static calculations are made to demonstrate that our cable mesh meets your requirements.

We offer Made in USA options for stainless steel cables and mesh.

X-TEND® is produced with robust stainless steel cables. The cables are connected to each other by means of clamps called ferrules.

The cables and ferrules form a structure that can take a lot of tension and is flexible. This makes it extremely suitable for two and three-dimensional applications. The X-TEND® retains its shape and is generally maintenance-free.
  • Safe but aesthetically pleasing
  • Transparent and flexible
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Two or three dimensional
  • Innovative and sustainable
  • Stainless steel
  • Also available in colors
  • For both indoors and outdoors
  • Various applications possible
  • Recyclable


The cable mesh is produced on a project-specific basis in our own factories in the USA and Europe. Any desired size can be realized. With longer lengths (from approx. 80 meters), cable mesh can be linked together during assembly without this being visible. Diagonal, triangular or other shapes can also be realized with cable mesh. The mesh diamond openings are available from 20 mm to 200 mm and special mesh openings are also possible. Cable diameters are standard 1.5, 2 or 3 mm. Exactly which type is required depends on the application.


The cable mesh is used for an infinite number of different purposes. The combination of transparency, strength, durability and flexibility makes X-TEND® suitable for, for example:
  • Railings with mesh between peripheral cables
  • Railings with cable mesh in a frame
  • Safety barriers with cable mesh
  • Link holes and stairs with cable mesh
  • Horizontal cable mesh
  • Green facades with cable mesh
  • Special projects with stainless steel cable structures


X-TEND® CXS is the Cut To Fit Cable Mesh Railing Infill that can be installed into any guardrail system. The CXS mesh is easily field-sized and comes with everything you need for a fast and easy field installation. The only tools required: wire cutters, zip ties, crimping pliers.

• Code compliant and climb-resistant.
• Install on any guardrail system.
• Exact field measurements not required.
• Simplified field installation and adjustment.
• 100% AISI 316 stainless steel. 

Quick and easy installation of X-TEND® CXS

X-TEND® Colors

In addition to the standard 'natural-look' stainless steel cable mesh, our cable mesh is also available in the colors red, white, gold and black. Before the production of the cable mesh, the cables are evenly covered with a decorative polymer layer in a special coating process and cured under temperature. It is a durable, weather and corrosion resistant solution, which is equivalent to a powder coating.

The ferrules are not coated due to the material properties, but in addition to the standard natural color, they are also available in a black version.


The cost of our X-TEND® stainless steel mesh depends on factors such as diamond size, cable diameter, shape, and overall quantity. Contact us for current pricing options.

Delivery time

Delivery time on the X-TEND® depends on the type of mesh, complexity, and overall quantity. Lead times vary from stock to several weeks. Call or email us for a more specific lead time.


Every project is unique. Our sales team can prepare a quotation for your specific application. Please contact us to discuss your project. We will be happy to assist you.


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X-TEND® Data Sheet cable mesh diameter 2mm

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